Endorsement of the Gray and Blue By Charles Hayes.
From: johnyreb43@yahoo.com
I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to purchase a copy, or many copies of Gray and the Blue.  This is a comic strip book, written from the Southern perspective and published by Pelican Publishing in New Orleans.
Charles Hayes, the author and artist is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  He is also a member of the Camp Ford Historical Association, a group attempting to create a museum about the largest Confederate POW Camp west of the Mississippi.  Charles is native born to Texas, a former engineer he is exactly what a Southerner should be!  Proud of his heritage.  Charles was inspired to do this comic book by a similar type book which was given to all school children in Texas when he was a boy.  That comic book taught Texas history and was created by an oil company I believe.
The art work in this book is good, original, and used to tell the story of the war.  If you are southern, if you want to encourage others to write and develop Southern oriented products…if you want to purchase from a Southern publisher, I ask you to consider purchasing and reading this book.  After you do I bet you will be writing endorsements and telling friends and family about Gray and Blue.
I am your Obedient Servant,
Mark K. Vogl, Black Sheep

Gray and the Blue, The: A Comic Strip History of the Civil War
By Charles Hayes
List Price:  $15.95
SHNV/SWR Price:  $10.85