Reaction to Bernhard’s commentary on Grant the Butcher
I just read Bernhard’s revelations of findings in the Haskell Memoirs concerning GRANT, THE BUTCHER. 
Obviously Republican Grant didn’t care how much manly flesh and bones he wasted in his efforts to destroy our South.   He had a bountiful supply of sacrificial men because the Marxists in the Republican Party and in control in Congress had imported, just for that worthy purpose, many thousands of jail birds from Europe.   The Republicans had even lured some decent men here from Germany.  Most of these lost souls, unable to speak English, only knew what they were told by their clever American bosses. The understanding of what was in the Constitution given them was so twisted, it would have been unrecognizable to the founding fathers.   No doubt the newcomers thought they were dying for a noble cause–like saving the Union from folks who thought the Constitution was "just a gd piece of paper." (Where have we heard those words?)  One thing for sure these men never shot a shell to free a slave and neither did 99 percent of Union soldiers, or more.
Today the Republicans who started the war against the sovereign Confederacy are called Radical Republicans by the politically correct and highly recognized/honored historians who give each other "Lincoln" prizes. Those grand, brand new Republicans of the 1860’s lured European men to America to be used by Grant as cannon fodder by promising the poor suckers wonderful goodies and prizes.  The South was to be given away to the new warrior immigrants, or so the liars said.  Of course who really took the goodies? — Americans such as Sherman and Grant and others of their Republican ilk. (So his townspeople continue to worship Sherman?  Who could not adore somebody who let the men bring home so many captured treasures–some ripped from the ears and fingers of crying Southern ladies? ) Truth has long been concealed by myths.
You know all about the evils committed by the Marxists/Red Republicans if you have read Walter Kennedy and Al Benson’s revelations found in Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists: Marxism in the Civil War.)
Amazing, isn’t it, that the Butcher became an American President? How surprising it is that he hasn’t become a national icon as did his boss Abe, but then Grant remained serviceable to the real controllers of the all powerful central government so did not have to be bumped off.  Grant, the Butcher, was a worthy follower to dear, honest, Christian, Bible-quoting Abe Lincoln, was he not? 
The question remains–how long will the myth persist that Abe Lincoln was a "great" man? How long will Americans continue to worship Mr. Lincoln and worship the worshippers of Mr. Lincoln– such as the Yankee Socialist who wrote the Pledge of Allegiance and taught American children in those long ago days to recite it with their hands in a position later adopted by another great admirer of Lincoln, Adolph Hitler? 
Remember Hitler’s big heil salute? Once we went to war against him, our kids’ salute was changed because he had adopted it. So now they place their hands on their hearts during their recitation of "I pledge allegiance" to a government that, despite the Constitution and the words of the founding fathers, is "INDIVISIBLE” because bayonets, unconstitutionally, have made it so."
Liberty is not for all Americans, is it?  Southerners raised at the knees of their grandfathers who fought for it after their secession from The British Empire, thought so.  They thought wrong.  Jefferson Davis’ own grandfather Evan Davis fought for that liberty and believed in secession.  Jefferson Davis thought the same, so did Thomas Jefferson. Do we? 
Joan Hough