Grannies, Granny Cliques, and Grannyism
As a follow up to my comment yesterday about us being the enemy…
Today in Richmond, Virginia, approx 500 folks traveled from far and wide to march down Monument Avenue in the 2nd Annual SCV Heritage Rally.
Out of 40,000 SCV members, untold tens of thousands in the allied Heritage Orgs, and just folks concerned about Confederate Heritage, the numbers should have been AT LEAST 15,000…
Out of those 500, the Virginia Flaggers requested in numerous messages, via blogs, websites, emails phone calls and facebook postings, as well as setting a table up in the hotel lobby last night to recruit folks to help Flag the VMFA and help restore the Confederate Flags to the Confederate War Memorial Chapel.
About 25 showed up to help, dozens signed list and promised to show, but musta been abducted by aliens…..
We really dont need to worry much about the leftist radicals killing our Heritage, seems we are allowing it to die ourselves.
Billy Bearden