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Hello Robert,

HK is a good friend and he shared your horror story. As you know, there are some educators at all levels kindling racial hatred throughout Virginia schools and elsewhere. Many are unchecked by the public and again unchecked by our Local & State representatives and beyond. Are they afraid someone will call them a racist? Many politicians and race-baiters love the controversy. Any such activity needs "sunshine" exposing hateful or just ignorant traits. Document them! Yes,I know, all you have to do is pick up a modern history book! And, if not all, most teachers were not taught the facts:

Back in 1961 or 2, my 11th Grade Virginia history teacher wore a historical Klan outfit one day to teach his history class (hood and all!), and I was not traumatized or indoctrinated ! Today I have very well educated friends who teach their kids the truth after their kids come home from school with similar stories as you indicate. These friends insure that their children know the truth. Unlike many whiny Southerners, they also provide a formal complaint if necessary. Such truth goes far beyond the history of The War and that of South’s struggle for real "liberty." I remember being taught that Pearl Harbor was an unprovoked attack!

I don’t have the answers to the problem other than my suggestion that you express your outrage to your representatives at all levels in this state and beyond. Not enough people do that. Also, as you can see below, we have a nice group of Virginians and Carolinians working to enjoy our Southern culture and heritage along with enjoying our Southern communities together today. We’re trying! Yes, these Black and White Southerners live in Virginia and across the South! Below we reflect "A picture is worth a thousand words!" Please join us in Hanover, Va. for "Dixie Days", and in Petersburg, Va. in September for "Richard Poplar Day" 2007. They will be posted at: Invite the teachers too! Give them a copy of this for their files.

Ex-Senator George Allen is about the best example that I can give you that bigotry does not work here in Virginia. Southerners reacted to his hateful flag speech and didn’t vote for him just because he was a RepubliCon. He found that out when he exposed himself to Virginians. I’d suggest writing your representatives, Senator Webb and your other State representatives, Black or White. Telling us about the problem will get sympathy as we agree with you, but there has to be a lot of outrage too. And, write the White House No kidding!

What happened to common courtesy, thoughtfulness, and the golden rule? Isn’t it time to strive for those things in our families, schools, and places of worship? How will we ever live in peace without an awareness of the effect our actions have on others, without compassion, without love?

Real Virginia History, and Real Community Race Relations today:

I hope this information helps some. Please help us if you can.


G. Ashleigh Moody,
Petersburg, Virginia

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Subject: Needing Assistance

Dear Mr. Edgerton,

My name is Robert Tebault and i live in Virginia Beach Virginia. I have recently found my self struggling to defend my heritage in school. I am proud if my southern roots and have no problem defending the truth, honor, and integrity of my heritage and the South. The difficulty in it tho is i am only one of a couple people who know the truth and are willing to defend it. There are about 2000 people including teachers at my school. It is a predominately black school, but unfortunately my problem isn’t that is a black school, it is that these students are being taught from family members and school officials that the Confederate Flag is a symbol of racism. By no means am i racist, but i have found my self going as far as getting into fights with other students defending my name and heritage as not being racist or a racist symbol. I am sad to say i am quickly running out of "ammo" ageist the community when it comes to showing them the truth. If you in any way might be able to give some advice or know a way that might help it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.