From: Craig Maus <>
Date: Mon, Apr 4, 2011
Subject: YOUR Federal Gov’t.- Representative…..or Jailor ?

Confederate Commentary:
Isn’t it strange that the same people who advocate your ‘voting responsibility’ are the same ones who tell you that ‘you can’t fight City Hall’!
That Liaise-Faire attitude has crippled America by allowing the forces behind a two-party hegemony to take & steal from you every aspect associated with what once was the American Republic !
Anyone believing that this Country today is a ‘representative’ commune fulfilling the wishes of the People is living a fantasy of major proportions.
The American People are controlled and ruled  by a two-party system whose basis is entirely self-serving and supported via THEIR numerous acts of ‘inordinate’ legislation that has been passed routinely and consistently over many years in which our rights, freedoms & independence have been more than compromised.
Washington DC is a depot of mass corruption & manipulation controlled and run by a litany of Special Interests Powers whose thirst for power is unequivocal and without end.
Anyone believing that the road they put us on, beginning in 1865, will change, is living a dream of ill-begotten nightmares whose consequences are everything everyone is seeing today but having difficulty with in understanding, identifying & rationalizing with as to why!
America has been so long dumbed down and fueled by social upheaval that few can see the forest from the trees.

Americans do NOT understand their history and thus they have willingly & stupidly allowed themselves to be raised as sheeple—forgetting who they once were and the greatness associated with the Republic that is NO more!

The very word Confederate has been so demonized that the majority of Americans cannot understand the simple fact that a Confederate and its association as a people, et al, to the original Republic, as in a Confederation of Sovereigns and referred to by the Founding Fathers numerous times over, means PATRIOT!
Thus we turned our backs on our heritage & our identity because we allowed Washington, DC to rewrite our History and alter the compass of direction resulting from an Un-Constitutional War levied against those American Confederate PATRIOTS of long ago who realized and saw what would come if they did not secede and leave in peace as they did.
It has been, EVER SINCE, Reconstruction in the worst un-imaginable venues!
The recent findings relating to THEIR Federal Reserve System regarding their far-reaching financial schemes and the lending of over $ 3.3 TRILLION DOLLARS to foreign ‘elements’ AND THE OBVIOUS CONSEQUENCES, ALL NEGATIVE, for the American Taxpayer should be cause for an all out Revolution.

(Remember that it was we Confederates who reported to YOU via our sources that an estimated $ 4 TRILLION add’l dollars had been printed by the Fed only months ago)
Sadly however, the average American today CANNOT comprehend what this means to them!
Thus they will continue to support their Federal Jailor’s whose chains are being tightened around them each and every day while willingly fighting another of their Corporately inspired Wars in another far-off part of the world in the name of our National Security!
It is sheer madness and fueled by an in-ability of the electorate to understand because of their own arrogance and ignorance that allows this moral ineptitude & decadency to live on.
Meanwhile, and because of ‘Corporate Globalism’, our People fight & Die for the Black Gold while the puppet Obama puts constraints on further oil exploration here in the U.S., the expansion of natural gas supply’s and nearly 2/3 of the entire world’s fossilized fuels better know as COAL, using his EPA and other Federal agency’s to prevent them from allowing America to become Energy Independent.
And these are the ‘People’ who the Two-Party system asks you to diligently & dutifully ‘elect’ each election eve!
The same one’s that gave you the Housing debacle, Obama Care, the Revised Immigration Act of 1965, Numerous Wars & Unnecessary Deaths, the Nanny State, Entitlements, the Departments of Transportation, Energy, Agriculture, Housing, Welfare and let us NOT forget the all-seeing and all-knowing and thinking Department of Education TO NAME BUT A FEW.
These are the SAME PEOPLE who DON’T read any of the bills they pass but whose Cancer ‘We the People’ have to bear.

These are the SAME PEOPLE who have the temerity to tell YOU "that we need to pass this bill or that bill, so we know what’s in it."
And These people are ‘called’ Representatives….or are they simply YOUR Jailors draining you of every describable aspect of YOUR American Individuality & Freedoms?
We Confederates have always been ahead of our time.

We saw what was coming long before 1860 and we have been telling you ever since just what in the hell has been going on.
But it was made easier for many to look the other way once too often and most Americans allowed others to attack us and portray us in a contemporary politically-correct light as racists or rednecks, when all the time we were simply Confederate Patriots like our ancestors of old…..and calling out to YOU for the same reasons as did they when Centralism was Invading Sovereignty & personal Liberty.
Today, we are living the consequences of what results when resolve & involvement are sacrificed at the alter of political correctness.

Today, as yesteryear, ALL that we have ever predicted and warned you of is happening and occurring & YOUR eyes can NO longer deny what you are seeing!
In short, ALL the chickens are coming home to roost and the Federal Fox has been revealed for the Beast it is.

And now, in their hour of total desperation, they want MORE from YOU to support their failed Ideology of these last 150 years.
The Confederacy NEVER surrendered to the Federal in 1865!

Our Military did but our Government did NOT!
Therefore, it’s Congress and it’s Government can & needs to be re-seated.

A process that can be realized providing MOST will awaken from their Federal coma in time to realize that the Confederacy is the last bridgework remaining for a Constitutional Republic—a Constitutional Republic that has been stripped & taken from us by Design via a Federal Oligarchy whose basis is EVERYTHING  that the Founders warned Against & tried to prevent from ever becoming.  They knew full well what mortal man was capable of and put us on a path-way to prevent that which has sadly become reality today.
The Federal has circumvented EVERY LAW ever written to protect us while replacing them with THEIR ‘new’ laws, ever since 1865, allowing them to do what they were NEVER supposed to!
Essentially, they have galvanized their illegal status into that of a legal embodiment through deliberate political deception using legislative malfeasance to under-write their station over us!
They exist via a controlled mandate of self-exercised deceit & corruption and they are NOT our Representatives but Representatives of those Special Interest Groups whose National & International  Interests run this Country today.
We are NOT a Government of the People, by the People and For the People!

We are a Government of the Special Interest, by the Special Interest and For the Special Interest…..
…..and the quicker and sooner that one and all come to realize this the better YOUR chances will be for your children and grandchildren to survive!
Remember, When the Confederacy Lost, so TOO Did this Entire Country….but Only We Confederates Knew it at the Time!

Become a Confederate, become an American Patriot— for that is precisely what the word Means… and the Country and Life YOU Save may just be YOUR own!
ALL Roads Lead to 1865- the beginning of the end of the Republic!
Craig Maus,
president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations.
Staunch Supporters for the RESTORATION of the Legal Government of the South- The Confederate States of America.
PS- ……Then as Now, It was always about Power & Control- a Sovereign Ideology vs a bloated Federal Oligarchy that would bleed it’s People dry…pure & simple!