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RE: Republicans Reject Confederate History Month

/\/.\/\/. COMMENTS: I do hope readers will send this modest-looking but earth-shaking link out to people and keep it handy for when somebody tries to put forth that the Republicans are our saviors. I’ve just stashed it in the Nationalist Times print newspaper’s online discussion forum

……..though I’d really like to hire 10,000 planes to tow 10,000 banners across the country trumpeting this SHNV inclusion.

Not that the Evil Party is any better. It’s worse, but when every institution is trying to win the pure-evil contest, that doesn’t even begin to exonerate Stupid Party cultists from their crimes.

Oddly enough, there’s a new organization called Republican Majority Coalition that’s showing signs of an IQ above 80, but I think the name must be purely strategic.

Truly the two-party duopoly is a curse from hell. And the fact that John McCain got the Stupid Party nomination in AZ again over a true patriot shows, I fear, that ameriKa will never grow beyond that mental complex.

Forgive my fatefulness, dear people, but if the patient won’t take its medicine, it will never get well.