Dale Earnhardt Jr.
From: Rebelgent40@aol.com

Hello Chuck

I have alot of Jrs merchandise, from a Budweiser jacket (Winston cup series) to all models of the cars he has drove, and they are all about to be destroyed.Yes, destroyed. I was going to sell all that stuff because of his anti-South attitude but now Ive changed my mind.Dale Earnhardt Jr.is a disgrace to The South and should move somewhere else.

I Remain Loyally
James Honeycutt; Commander
Southern Confederate Front; Alabama Division
Confederate Society of America
Its All For One and One For All

”To me, the campaign by certain groups to remove all the symbols and memorials to our Southern past amounts to the same thing…a desecration of graves. Every flag or monument that is removed, every plaque taken down, every school or street or bridge that is renamed, is no different from a broken tombstone. It is wanton and hateful violence directed at the dead who can no longer defend themselves.”

— John Field Pankow

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