Good morning, just some info!
Good Morning, everyone! I hope everyone had a great Christmas, but now that it’s over, we need to start thinking about the New Year coming up. We know the anti’s will be raging there hatred for our Southron ancestry & heritage in full force, But Ladies & Gentlemen, we have to be on the front line in the defense & in full force. We are going to have to get stronger and more forceful in our endeavors to preserve our Heritage. We need to grow stronger in our flagging efforts, not only here, but also with our friends in surrounding states. We can, will and are making a differrence. We are going to let them know, we’re not going down easy and we’re not going to run and hide. We the faithful will continue to honor those that fought and die, to insure us our rights as God loving Southron …people.
Tennessee Flagging Coordinator:
Col Mike Shaffer (Doc)
Bristol, Tenn. 37620