Good Lord Deliver Us From Those Who Don’t Know Their History (but think they do)

By Al Benson Jr.

Somehow when the Governor of Virginia issued his proclamation noting April as Confederate History Month, I had a feeling those on the left would be slightly less than ecstatic. The political and theological left hates anything remotely Confederate. The St. Andrews Cross on the Confederate battle flag reminds them that St. Andrews cross is a Christian symbol and that just drives them up the wall. Poor babies!

However, this year the vitriol really has exploded. Virginia’s governor forgot to make mention of the left’s sacred cow–slavery–in his proclamation and that was enough to get the leftists all energized. They made such a fuss that the governor back peddled somewhat and made the rather foolish statement that the War of Northern Aggression was really fought to preserve slavery, which is a gross error. Politicians are, unfortunately, politicians. I commend him for his original proclamation. I am sorry he felt he needed to somewhat back out of it.

Is the War of Northern Aggression really over? Hardly. All you have to do is to check out the Internet and you will find that the ideological part of that war continues on until this day. Cultural “reconstruction” (cultural genocide) is alive and well in the hearts and minds of all Yankees (not all Northerners)  and they continue to fight this war against the South and her people. Their goal is our destruction, theologically, culturally, economically–any way they can, and they sincerely hope we don’t resist too strongly. It will be easier for them if we all roll over and play dead as they stomp our faces into the mud with their jackboots.

I will cite one instance of how the war continues from an article on  written by Adele Stan. Ms. Stan’s rather bigoted viewpoint is surpassed only by her ignorance of real history. She mentions a trip she took to Virginia and she says “Soon I noticed we were traveling along a road called the Jefferson Davis Highway. I was stunned, and a bit sick to my stomach. How could it be that a highway was named after a man who made war against the United States, all so the citizens of his region could continue to hold human beings in chains? Had Ms. Stans been willing to do a little real research she might have found that the South did not secede only so they could keep their slaves. If that had been all it was about they could have stayed in the Union and kept their slaves. Lincoln had openly stated that he had no intention of abolishing slavery anyplace it existed. In fact, he was even willing to go along with the infamous Corwin Amendment which would have guaranteed slavery in perpetuity. Lincoln didn’t care about slavery until it became a propaganda issue for him that he could use as a war measure–the Emancipation Proclamation–which, supposedly, freed slaves in the Confederate States but left those in Northern-held territory in bondage. Ms. Stans seems to think the war, on the part of the Union, was a holy crusade to end slavery. She doesn’t know history. I wonder if she ever read The Lincoln-Douglas Debates and found Lincoln’s true views on black people, which were not complementary by any means.

And then she continued on by peddling that old abolitionist story about how all the slave owners were raping their slaves. She has to have been reading abolitionist literature to have come up with that one because that’s where it came from to begin with.

Ms. Stan continues on: “That throughout a significant swath of the nation, men who committed treason for the sake of maintaining chattel slavery are lauded as heroes speaks to a terrible illness in the American psyche.” Here again, Stan’s historical ignorance is showing. Secession was not treason. It was not forbidden by the US Constitution, and even Yankee politicians admitted to themselves, after the war was over and they had captured Jefferson Davis that should they attempt to try him for treason he would be found not guilty. That’s the only reason they released him from prison. They knew they didn’t have a case for treason against him. Burke Davis in his book The Long Surrender, on page 204, gave a quote by Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase, telling Edwin Stanton that “if you bring these leaders to trial it will condemn the North, for by the Constitution, secession is not rebellion…His (Jeff Davis’) capture was a mistake. His trial will be a greater one. We cannot convict him of treason.” Right from the horse’s mouth! The words of the Yankee politicians themselves give the lie to Stan’s foolish postulations that the Southern leaders were guilty of treason.  I would recommend Burke Davis’ book to Ms. Stans. She might learn something.

She fairly froths at the mouth about the Virginia governor’s proclamation and the very idea that the Southern states seceded over constitutional issues instead of slavery is one she refuses to accept. She claims that’s what her school books in the North taught her. Interesting. I grew up in the North and mine didn’t. She can’t get over this obsession that the war was fought only so the South could keep her slaves. That’s where she’s at and she refuses to be confused with the facts.

Stans notes that “the Confederacy lovers” and others are all pushing the states rights issue and she seems to rather dislike all the “10th Amendment groups” that are sprouting up all over. She attributes this to Obama’s being in office and she even ventures into the area of gun control, commenting that Obama has done nothing to try to change our existing gun rights. He just has no interest whatever in all that. Lady, if you really believe that all I can say is–well, maybe in the interest of Christian charity I’d better not say it. In a rare moment of “objectivity” she is willing to admit that Sherman’s burning of Atlanta was a war crime. On that one point, she is right on target, but the rest of her comments show an abysmal lack of understanding about the real reasons for the war and I don’t know who taught her the history she’s learned, but whoever it was ought to be denied tenure at any school in the land.

All this points to the fact that there is rabid hatred of the South, her people, her culture, and her religion in many areas of the country. There is room in the multi-cultural pantheon for everyone but the white Christian Southerner, and he is even to be denied normal civility. Do you get the feeling there is something wrong with this picture?

Content ©2010  Al Benson Jr.

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