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RE: Condescension isn’t becoming


/\/.\/\/. COMMENTS: I live in greater Greenville SC but missed this letter to the editor of the Greenville News since I don’t touch daily newspapers if I can help it (the chemical detox is so complicated, due to their poison content). Good for Lewis Wallenzine for writing it. Perhaps he was being deliberately ironic in referring to "a mutual compromise between state leaders and the NAACP". It’s certainly true in that the people (i.e. voters and taxpayers) weren’t asked their opinion.

What we have is a heritage BETRAYAL. Instead of the politicians doing what the people obviously wanted, what happened was analogous to a very public "debate" in which a gang of thugs argue that the police should burglarize a home for them, with the police at length agreeing to do it.

There’s your "compromise", South Carolina-style.

I compulsively set the record straight about this, in hopes of offering "values clarification" for any fence-sitters.