Good Communist Americans?
The Dr. Morris U. Schappes testifying below in 1953 was a communist and defended patriotic communists who served proudly with Northern forces during the War Between the States. He named Northern General Joseph Weydemeyer as an example of this. In the excellent book “Red Republicans” by Kennedy and Benson, Weydemeyer is described as a “pioneer American Marxist” who was active in the 1848 socialist revolution in Germany, as well as a friend of Marx and Engels. In London, Weydmeyer joined the London Communist League with Marx, then moved to the US in 1851 where he found a political home in the party of Lincoln.
Bernhard Thuersam, Director
Cape Fear Historical Institute  

Good Communist Americans?
Testimony of  Dr. Morris U. Schappes, Open Session of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations of the Committee on Government Operations on April 2, 1953. Schappes was questioned by Senator Karl E. Mundt of South Dakota as to whether or not he (Schappes) knew of any “good Americans” who were also good Communists:
Dr. Schappes: “Well, if you will look up the records and find the names of those Communists who died in defense of our country and were honored by Congress and by other institutions, legal, legislative, executive, military, for their services to this country, services that went back to the Civil War, when Communists fought in this country on the Union side, when officers, including officers of the rank of general, who were Communists, were officers of the Union Army, I think you can find adequate substantiation indeed in the records of our Government that Communists have been and therefore obviously can be loyal Americans.”