A few quick-hitters:

>>> Where do two white men come off dueling about racism in Florida?<<<  
White men have as much right to “duel” about it as anyone else. Besides, crying about racism or looking for signs of it under every rock has become an obsession in this country – thanks to people like yourself who make a living doing it – and it’s not a healthy obsession either.

>>> he had been called the n-word <<<  
Tell the caller to grow up and realize that it takes all kinds to make a world. Ever hear of “Sticks and stones…”? The operative response to the person who called him that would have been, “just because you say I am something, does not mean that it is so. You don’t have that kind of power.”

>>> Yes, increasing numbers of minorities have made it to the top. Problem is, they’re a relative handful, however visible.<<<   
And exactly how many or what percentage of “minorities” making it to “the top” would satisfy you? Blacks account for 14% of the population. When I look at “the top”, I see that number, or something close to it, or in some fields, a number which exceeds it. What number would make you happy? Actually, we both know the answer – there is no number. If there were such a number, and it was reached, you’d have nothing to whine about and you’d be out of a job.

>>> More than 50 years after Brown v. Board of Education, we have inexplicable gaps in educational achievement between the races. <<<   
The gaps are not so inexplicable. 70% of black babies are born out of wedlock. You know it, I know it, Bill Cosby knows it… It’s pretty hard to teach a kid about the importance of education when he doesn’t have a family raising him…. Take a look at the prison population and see what everyone there has in common – a lack of education, and the absence of interested parents. Making laws which mandate that black children rub elbows with white children whether they or their parents like it or not, is not the answer. It never was. Recalling all those black preachers who have abandoned their congregations to go politicking or to try and be the next Martin Luther King might be a start. Stick their a**es back on the podium and have them start reminding their congregations about what is right and what is wrong. Fathering multiple babies by multiple women is NOT the way to go if you expect to narrow that educational gap or keep your kids out of prison.

>>>.We’re seeing too many nooses.<<<  
Oh horror! I guess I’ll have to stop wearing ties! Grow up idiot. No one ever gave two sh**s about nooses until someone started moaning about it and people like yourself started giving them the attention that they crave.

>>> A proposed Florida Confederate license plate is racist, no matter what anyone claims <<<  
So say you oh-great gasbag. To many Floridians, whose ancestors fought in the war, that tag is a symbol of their heritage. Others, it would appear, do not share their feelings. Where is it written that the first group must bow down to the wishes of the second group? Point out to me where it is so written…. You can’t. The opinions and feelings of the first group are just as valid as those of the second, and, as I mentioned earlier, JUST BECAUSE YOU SAY SOMETHING IS SO, DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT IS!

And as far as >>> Perhaps the only way to prove we’re not a racist nation would be to elect the first African-American president.<<< – voting for him BECAUSE he’s black is no better than voting AGAINST him because he’s black…. Bottom line is, has no more qualifications to be president than I do.

Your article was, thankfully, brief. Still, I haven’t seen this much bullsh** in one place since the last time I walked through a cow pasture. You seem to have gotten two orifices of your body confused…..crap is pouring out of your mouth….I can only imagine what’s pouring out the other one.

Bill Vallante
Commack NY


>>>Goldstein’s reply:<<<

Mr. Vallante–
Thanks for spewing–and proving the point of my column. If you’re actually in Commack, NY, please stay there.
All the best,
Stephen Goldstein


>>>And mine:<<<

Hey Goldstein, your column didn’t have point – which was my point. Spewing begats spewing. I hope my spewing was as nauseating to you as yours was to me.

Nice to know though that after a hard day of preaching and proselytizing, you can run back to your lily-white neighborhood, wherever that might be. Yeah, I know your type and I know it well.

Bill Vallante