Are southerners going to stand up?
Do you believe re-enacting is the ultimate political act?  Do you believe that pretending to be someone who actually stood up and offered their lives and fortunes because they felt politics was that important is all you have to do?
The liberals are attacking once again the sovereignty of the states by calling for the elimination of the Electoral College.  This is a direct attack on the states and specifically an attack on the more rural, more agricultural states.
How far does this have to go?
Do you have the courage of the heritage of the South?  Will you stand up?
I wrote Southern Fried Ramblings with Grits and the All the Fixins as an effort to bring the South, and Southern values into modern times.  Just this week a Citadel classmate of mine wrote and described the book in one word; excellent!
It’s time to figure out if you are proud enough of your Southern heritage to actually live it, not in re-enactments, but as a 21st modern day citizen!
The political battles of today are extensions of the battles of 1860.  It’s the same fight.  It starts with Christianity and God’s place in governance, and spreads through economics, our international role, federalism, etc.
Obama Care proves that this government will go to communism if you allow it.  The past five years have seen attacks on First and Second Amendments,  The attacks on Confederate heritage are fodder for the liberals, and the heritage organizations refuse to do their jobs as protectors of the Cause.
It is time to consider if your current politics match your understanding of history, and your commitment to the Cause.
God Bless the South
Mark Vogl