Godspeed to the Southland
From: shammer1965@yahoo.com
I, Sir, am a Law Enforcement Officer in a rural Florida county. My Irish ancestors travelled to this country (legally) over one 170 years ago and my name-sake served in the U.S. Army during the Seminole Indian Wars and voted in the first Florida elections in 1845. I have two ancestors who served in the Confederate Army. My wife has four ancestors who served the South including one who died during his service. Both of our ancestral families were farmers who worked their lands with their children. I mention this not as an excuse but rather an explanation of my heritage. I am a proud Southern Gentleman who hopes that my service to my country and my community reflects favorably upon my ancestors. I have every reason to be proud of my heritage and my ancestors and I only hope that they are likewise proud of me. Now that I have given a very brief overview of my roots, let me say this; I am an American citizen of the Southland. I have never attempted to "push" my beliefs upon another and I have been tolerant of those with opposing views on any subject. If I do not agree with the content of a TV or radio program, I change the channel. If I do not agree with the opinions of certain others, I do not associate with them. But, if I am willing to respect the views of others (no matter how ignorant) I expect the same consideration. Generally speaking, that is what separates the Southern populace from our Northern neighbors. In the South most can agree to disagree without forcing another to conform to ones’ beliefs, whereas the North still believes that "might makes right". I intend to celebrate my history and heritage especially where it concerns the War of Northern Aggression. To do any less would be an insult to my ancestors. God bless America. Godspeed to the Southland.