Re: Information Alert: God Erased from D.C. Visitor Center

Dear Mrs. Cobb,
If one thoroughly studies the War Between the States, it becomes apparent that this adversity to God began with Abraham Lincoln’s first administration.  The Union has tried to rewrite this history, but was unable to rewrite all of it.
I would expect that there are many historical errors where the War of Northern Aggression is concerned, having seen many as an apologist for the South.  According to Lincoln’s wife and several of his close friends, Lincoln was not a Christian, though a significant portion of revisionism is how the Lincoln Cult insists that he be presented as a Christian.  Of course there is that garish monstrosity glorifying Lincoln, looking like a temple to some kind of god, right in Washington, DC.,despite the fact that he was one of the MOST unconstitutional presidents we have ever had.
I also am sick and tired of revisionist history!
E.D. Stewart, Jr.