Dear Dr. Huskins:

Gettysburg is the crown of the Yankee propaganda machine. Their “Visitors’ Center” has an animated statue of Lincoln swearing to free “all” the slaves to save the Union. Of course, they leave out “some” or “none” in their little display. The whole thing is so politically correct it is frankly breath-taking. But then, Gettysburg has always been a Yankee place. It’s the “victory” that brought them ultimate “victory.”

At least in the past, the South was given some place at the “historic table,” but no more. Furthermore, nobody – not even Southerners – seem to care about the callous and unChristian treatment of Confederate wounded and dead after the battle! It wasn’t until well after the war that the women of the South were able to petition the noble “Union government” to allow them to dig the poor dead of Lee’s army from their wretched “graves” and carry their noble bodies back to be buried in Richmond.

As I have said to the Civil War Trust people, if the present crop of “heritage groups” do not start to protect the heritage, history and honor of the South – including her heroes and symbols – I wouldn’t give them one thin dime. To my mind, it would be better by far that these battle fields be consigned to oblivion than that they stand as testimonies to Yankee lies and tyranny.

Deo Vindice.

Valerie Protopapas