Compatriot Steve,

I appreciate your thoughtful article in SHNV and I appreciate SHNV providing this forum through which our convictions may be expressed.

For two years I have advocated the boycotting of the Gettysburg Park and town by everyone including the reenactors. Stop 25% of the cash flow from tourists into their area and the NPS and the town will feel the pinch. The NPS may not care since the government never seems to care about how they spend "our" money. But, money is all the merchants in Gettysburg understand, though northern economics means socialism.

They do not understand history, culture, integrity or honour. The diligence and integrity of Southerners is well demonstrated in our continuing to offer honourable, valid and accurate history in our arguments to those who have no honour and are cultural and political Marxist. They are no more like us in their understanding of history than they are like us in respect to our religious convictions and understanding. Their definition of freedom is socialism (real and political slavery). Their view of religion is atheism, agnosticism or Unitarianism. They "feel" they are deeply "spiritual" while they have not committed themselves to seek God and His Will in their lives. Why do we expect honourable reactions from such people? This is why they do not, cannot and will not hear us and it is why our relatives in the past sought to live separate from such an apostate people.

They insult us and we offer them a history lesson which they do not accept because their definitions of righteousness are not found in the revealed will of God but in their own flawed Godless rationalism. They do need a history lesson but what they understand is a punch in the face through a lesson in economics.

Of course, we know we lost the war but what the Yankee fails to understand is that principles of freedom and liberty are not determined by "might making right." Their winning the war will not change our hearts and minds and turn us into socialists and agnostics or atheists. Truth to us in the South is not determined by the sword or historical lies.

Deo Vindice and until that final vindication we need to discomfort the evil doer.

Tim D. Manning, M.Div.
Executive Director
North Carolina Heritage Foundation
Virginia Division Chaplain
Sons of Confederate Veterans
160 Longbridge Drive
Kernersville, NC 27284
(336) 420-5355 or