I hope the following explanation of how I got involved in the Southern cause isn’t too long.

I’ve always had a real interest in American history, and sat back for years watching the PC tyrants distort it to their ends. Although not from the South when I was a kid we lived in Knoxville TN for a year, Dallas TX for one year and Houston TX for about 8 years. When I was in the Army I spend over 2 years at Ft. Rucker AL. My sister has lived in TX for over 40 years now, her husband is from TX and all their kids are Southerners through and through. In 1996 I took my wife and son (also a history buff) to Charleston. On the way back to MN we went through GA and stopped at Stone Mountain. I had heard that they had a really good laser light show at night. There was about 3000 people there, my wife and I were probably the oldest people there (our 40’s). There were teenagers and young adults with little kids. When they flashed the Confederate flag on the side of the mountain the whole crowd erupted in rebel yells and cheering. The same thing happened when they outlined Robert E Lee and had him draw his sword and charge. It was quite an experience. I had not expected such a reaction from all these young people because they had been educated under the PC education system. I thought to myself, if these kids can still be stirred by the sight of a Confederate flag, there is hope yet that PC can be beaten. Shortly after that I bought a computer with Internet capability, and discovered that there was actually a Southern resistance movement. So, from about 1997 to 2001 I just observed what was going on and didn’t really do anything. Then last year I made a donation to Project Wave in GA, and have been actively involved ever since with writing and donating where and when I can trying to make up for lost time.

If the country is to be saved it will be the work of Southerners, I’m convinced of that. Just as the South played a disproportionate role in the American Revolution, it will fulfill the same role in modern times.

Greg (Hanson)