Get the lead out — let’s talk
RE: They Can’t Push Us Around Forever
Tennessee calls on other states to fight the power.
State launches boycott of ‘unconstitutional’ federal laws
Urges 49 others to join in combating government’s ‘abuse of authority’

/\/.\/\/. COMMENTS:  Help me out here, folks.  One hears endlessly about such resolutions and challenges, which at least shows the states’have a pulse once again after 164 years lying cold and prostrate. But so far it’s all on paper, correct? I personally haven’t heard of any state actually abolishing federal gun dictates yet —are gun purchasers not in fact being required to fill out those forms and jump through those hoops any longer in (for instance) Montana? Talk is cheap, paper is a penny a sheet.
I’m hoping someone will bring news to the contrary — that the strike is already happening somewhere to some extent.  It’s certainly great that a Southern state is now declaring and even leading — yankees have too often taken the lead on these issues.
Let’s have some discussion about exactly what is needed to get this job done. I’m assuming that state politicians are showing vital signs because Congress has proven public enemy number one re guns and everything else.  All it would take is a critical mass of states — more than half, at least — to start stiffing the feds on their gun dictates, and there would be nothing for the fedgov to do. Of course its next chess move would be to penalize the "ringleaders" of the movement, even the governors, either by quietly killing them or openly jailing them, levying crushing fines etc.
The fedgov will stop at nothing, absolutely nothing, to keep its bastard power. But people power, properly ranged, is still the unstoppable force.
Comments, news, corrections please. This is a major development which could be the beginning of the beginning for a resurrection of states’ rights. Thank God for the politicians in MT, TN etc. who *have* stood up!