This guy should "get over it"



A few points:

First, spare us the drivel about “the miseries of human bondage”. Go back to the dawn of organized societies and see if you can name me one tribe, kingdom or country that has not practiced that institution (slavery). You can’t. If you and others like you who feel compelled to do now almost obligatory, “miseries of human bondage” thing, were really serious, you’d be involved in doing something about slavery where it exists today. We all know that you’re not.

Second, spare us the “hard core” manly crap about “playing football in the snow”. You guys up in the liberal land of the far north haven’t played or watched a game in the snow since Bud Grant was coaching the Vikings. Can you spell M-E-T-R-O-D-O-M-E????

Third – if you can’t understand why some Northerners would want to “fly it” then I’ll tell you, since I’m a northerner myself. Frankly, some of us don’t think that your ancestors were the “good guys”. Countless Southerners, some quite famous and some not so famous, made the same statement – “All we ask is to be left alone”. Your ancestors said “No!”. And being on the “winning side” has nothing to do with the man in the moon. This isn’t about the NFL season and the Minnesota Vikings, it’s about a catastrophic war. I don’t know how much history you’ve read so let me enlighten you – in a war, the “good guys” don’t always win.

Fourth – “waving a Nazi flag to express admiration for Volkswagen”? Is that supposed to be some kind of analogy? If the answer is “yes”, then I’d have to say that I’m growing weary of hack writers using this analogy but always failing to back it up. Are you aware that nearly 500 Confederate soldiers are buried in Arlington National Cemetery? It seems that even the government they fought against saw fit to honor them as Americans…. So what’s your problem? If you’re going to use that analogy, then I’m going to call you out on it. Show us how it applies. Put up or shut up – because, from where I sit, a country [the North], which sends its troops across its borders to conquer its neighbor sounds a lot more Nazi-like than a country [the South], whose leaders say “All we ask is to be left alone”

Finally – regarding >>> “the kids aren’t racists, but they merely admire the "Southern lifestyle”<<< Finally, you got something right – but let’s face it, the fact that they “admire the Southern lifestyle” not only irks the hell out of your moldy ancestors but it also irks the hell out of you doesn’t it? Well, what can I say, except, “GET OVER IT”!

Bill Vallante
Commack NY
Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 3000 (Associate)
Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1506 (Associate)
Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1369 (Associate)