Dr. Niler is offensive to the German people
From: rwaldburg2@swissinfo.org
To: pyeattn@wbu.edu

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you in response to your opinions written in the Plainview Daily Herald last Sunday. As a German citizen I wont go to teach you now some basics in American history, just let me say that I wont tolerate this sentence as it is in a double manner highly offensive to me and to the people of Germany. You said:

To me, the Confederate flag is as repugnant as flying a swastika.

Dr. Niler, as a German I am grateful to America for the job of liberating my country from Nazi oppression. I am grateful that America protected and preserved peace and freedom in my country during the Cold War. In Germany we know well about oppression and totalitarian government control as the Nazis did. We know about the horrors of socialism, both national and communist socialism. We also know what scientific racism can do to people. We know about the Empire of Evil that every kind of government which seeks total control and Unitarianism can build up. So we know what the swastika really stands for.

As a proud Associate Member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans I am also well aware about what the Confederate soldier stood for. Defense of his home state, civil rights and liberties, less federal control, less tax oppression, freedom of religion, and lots of natural rights threatened by the Unitarian Federal government. To compare the glorious Confederate battle flag with the Nazi swastika it’s not only the act of an ignorant fool or a modern liberal hate activist, it’s an offense to both the victims of the swastika and to every fallen soldier of the CS Army, his sacrifice and love. It is offensive to every German citizen, it is offensive to every Southern citizen in America, it is offensive to every fallen US Army soldier in Europe, it is offensive to Jewish, Hispanic and many Black soldiers who died fighting wearing the Gray. It is offensive to History.

The misuse of the Confederate flag by racist groups like the modern so-called KKK, which has no relation to the historical Ku Klux, disbanded forever in 1877, is disgraceful, but so are the opinions of people like you. I don’t want you to become a Confederate, Dr. Niler, of course not. But I want you to have RESPECT for other people and for History. I don’t know if you’re just an ignorant fool or a well prepared hate activist, but your ideas represent in a very bad manner what some modern historians are: perverters of historical facts to better fit their personal views of History. Everything what you said about the Confederacy and the War of 1861-65 is wrong, and it is a shame that a foreigner must say this to you, a university professor of…history? Its really hard to believe that in modern America a man who writes things as you did in your article can have an university teaching job.

God may be your judge.


Raphael Waldburg Zeil
Associate member SCV General Samuel McGowan Camp 0040, Laurens, SC

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