Georgian Heritage Council
Dear folks,
The Georgian Heritage Council is cranking the website up again after giving Steve Scroggins a well deserved rest. One of our main focuses will be the SPLC as the Dees outfit is on the war path. They are more vulnerable now in all of their media appearances and interviewers never ask the right questions to show the viewers that these folks have their own agenda. And they have smeared the military… huge mistake.
Steve just finished an new X-files before a Labor Day trip and I think it will give you a good idea about how we want to crank it up on old Mo Dees. There just ain’t no end to doin good !!!
I think this will become a classic X-files, and more will be on they way. Enjoy, and please pass the link around as we will be having lots and lots of material coming on Uncle Mo and friends about his ‘Attack on America’.
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