The Georgia SCV Tag is about Heritage

By Calvin E. Johnson Jr.
Thursday, February 27, 2014

“The past is never dead. It’s not even past!” -William Faulkner

Why do some people tend to always get upset over the display or flying of the Confederate flag?

The recent approval of the Georgia Division Sons of Confederate Veterans Georgia State specialty car tag is a good thing and the polls show a high approval rating with the folks. The design of the tag is beautiful with the Confederate flag that is the Southern soldier’s cherished banner and the official symbol of the “SCV” Sons of Confederate Veterans organization that was founded in 1896 by the “UCV” United Confederate Veterans.

In America, the land of the free and home of the brave, we all have a God given right to our opinion,  but do we really know the true story about the men and women who fought for the Old Confederacy?

The Confederate States of America from 1861-1865 was a nation of Black, White, Hispanic, Jewish, Native American and even Chinese soldiers. Why did these men lay down their lives for the South? They did so because their peaceful-independent Southern nation was invaded by a foreign nation. They fought for God, family, country and their way of life.

Some say today the Confederate flag has been hijacked by people of racist intent but if the truth be known, some have also used the United States flag for less than patriotic purposes. Should the United States flag also be banned? Of course not and neither should the Confederate flag!

There are many men and women today like: Mr. H.K. Edgerton, Mr. Nelson Winbush, Miss Karen Cooper, Susan Hathaway and many more who spend a great deal of their time talking to people, especially the young people, about the true history of the Confederacy and they find friends everywhere who are enlightened by their knowledge of the past.

Edgerton, Winbush and Copper are also Black.

Mr. Winbush’s Maternal Confederate Grandfather Louis Napoleon Nelson fought with General Nathan Bedford Forrest and both Winbush and Edgerton are members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

The War Between the States was not about slavery!

There could not be a better time for the new Georgia Division SCV Heritage tag as the month of April is Confederate History and Heritage Month in Georgia and many other states. See us on face book.

Those Georgians who do not want to purchase a Georgia Division SCV tag do not have to but those who are proud of our Southern Heritage have a right to.

The Georgia Division Sons of Confederate Veterans joins the nation in remembering the Sesquicentennial, 150th Anniversary, of the War Between the States.

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