George Purvis-= you are wonderful
George Purvis, you are wonderful!  I lack sufficient words to tell you just how much many of us appreciate your keen intellect and acumen. Your recent message to Col. Bateman in the Demastus SOUTHERN HERITAGE NEWS& VIEWS was superb.
Oh, if only our South had a thousand more George Purvis warriors in the Army of Southern Truth.
One thing that zings through the land– George Purvis is not a coward in the fight.
We count ourselves blessed that because of  just the few men of your ilk we are seeing an increase in the awakening of our fellow Americans to the realization that the principles for which the Confederate Nation fought  are just as important today as they were in the 1800s.  Many of us are convinced that had we defeated the enemies of truth back then, our land would be not only a happier one, but one of freedom!
Yes, the Confederate principles are still important.  And those principles now, just like then, have nothing to do with slavery, unless with our OWN selves as the slaves of the all- powerful turned Socialist/Communist, U.S. government.
Here’s hoping you’ll keep on keeping on, George Purvis.
Joan Hough