George Allen (An Oxymoron)


Sen. Fred Thompson announced today the members of his National Campaign Leadership Team: Sen. Howard Baker will serve as honorary chairman of his presidential campaign and Sen. Spencer Abraham, Sen. George Allen, and Elizabeth Cheney will serve as campaign co-chairs. Well I don’t think Sen. Allen will get Fred Thompson many votes from Southern Confederate Americans in his quest for the White House. Everyone remembers Ex-Senator George Allen, (Confederate Flag Basher who turned on (Southern Culture and Heritage) when his back was against the wall and our culture was the most convenient to dump on at the time and still is by other politicians. I haven’t forgotten Scalawag Sen. John McCain when he stated in South Carolina "My Confederate Ancestors Fought on the WRONG Side." I guess the old saying "Birds of a Feather Flock Together." George Allen go on over to SCALAWAG City (Petersburg, Va.) where CSA symbols are hated just as much as you and McCain hate them. In all fairness George Allen displayed a CBF in and on the outside of his home at one time, until he became involved with the "HATE DIXIE" crowd. As a Charter Member of the Republican National Committee I will contact Sen. Fred Thompson’s’ campaign about the CBF and Southern Heritage and Culture and I will inform all on his thoughts on the subject. According to the Associated Press today Ron Paul who has only 1% of the vote (According to Them"), has raised some eyebrows by raising over 5 Million Dollars recently. Ron Paul is the only candidate that believes in the original intent of the Constitution in Both Parties and believes in a very small Federal Government and the right of the people in Each State to govern their self and write their own laws without Federal interference, much like our Ancestors and the Founding Fathers. Join the Ron Paul Revolution; I honestly believe he is Americas’ Last Chance. Anything you can do to help Dr. Paul will be Greatly Appreciated. (www.RonPaul2008) DEO GRATIAS (Thanks To GOD)

Bob Kline
Colonial Heights, Va.