The Genocide of the South’s heritage and culture!


Dear Sir,

I must admit I was a bit shocked when I heard Senator Allen made the comment about the Confederate flag being an emblem of hate and terror here in Virginia. I had always thought that Sen. Allen was an educated man, but yet he either doesn’t know the real reasons for the War Between the States or he’s given up his heritage and culture to obtain some votes.

What now worries myself and many others is that Senator Allen recognized April as Confederate History and Heritage Month when he was the Governor and now many voters are now wondering, is he going to do an about face about gun control also and team up with such politically correct socialist liberals as Senators Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton, who wants to disarm America so the American people can be controlled.

The things that is worrying more and more Americans, I hear it everyday, why is Southern politicians permitting the "Genocide" of our history, heritage and culture? Such as changing the names of schools, roads, etc. after 100 years that were named after famous Southerners? These Southerners the schools, roads, etc. were named for were honorable men. And the sad part is, the name that’s replacing a lot of the names of the schools, roads, streets, etc. had to have his FBI file sealed for 50 years after his birthday was made a Federal holiday, replacing a Christian holiday. This same man supported the Highland Folk Center in Morristown, TN and Rosa Parks was sent there to attend classes, by a rich White woman in ALA. The Communist center is well known to the FBI and has been for many years. Freedom of Speech keeps it open.

Trying to ban the Confederate flag, when used to honor ones ancestors. I had several kinsmen who fought in the Confederate Army and several who fought in the Union Army, but I will not only honor the ones who fought in the Union Army. My Confederate ancestors owned no slaves; they fought for the state, state rights and to stop Northerners who were trying to rule the South.

If all this "HERITAGE AND CULTURAL GENOCIDE" of our heritage and history is to appease a small Black minority, the schools needs to start teaching the facts, Blacks sold their own people as slaves and still are in Africa, Blacks who were Freemen owned "Blacks" as slaves, deeds in county courthouses prove this fact. Also, the U.S. flag flew over slavery over 80 years, while the Confederate flag flew over slavery less than 2 1/2 years. When Pres. Lincoln freed the slaves in 1863, it only included the slaves in the "SOUTH", Northerners were permitted to keep their slaves until 1865. If the war was over slavery, why were Northerners allowed to own slaves?

The Confederate flag is part of our heritage, just as the British flag is and to the average Southerner, the Confederate flag isn’t a sign of racism and to many Blacks its not a sign of racism, only to a couple of want-a-be Ministers and their followers. The Sons of Confederate Veterans even has Black members whose Black ancestors were Confederate soldiers.

Now if politicians wants to worry about racism and afraid to lose votes, why are there African- American Police, Firefighters, Mayors, etc. associations, why is there a Miss Black American pageant, Negro College Fund, the NAACP, etc. And why do many public schools allow African- American and Hispanic clubs, but "will not" allow heritage/culture clubs for students of Western European descent, such as Scottish, Ulster-Scottish, German, English, Irish, Welsh, etc. Why was the Dept. of Veterans Affairs and the U.S. government, allowing African-American and Hispanic Months, but not allowing a month to honor and educate people about their Western European heritage, etc. And won’t even support a month for "Native Americans!" I live in an area near a VA hospital and the large majority of the people on the VA side and TN side of the state line are Ulster-Scottish, English, Welsh and Cherokee descent, but yet the local VA hospital only had African-American and Hispanic events, etc. And we in the South are called the racist and bigots by want-a-be Ministers and their followers, who are allowed to come to the South from the North to cause trouble, such as the Confederate flag issue in South Carolina. Odd thing, when Miss. voted on keeping or removing the Confederate flag on their state flag, the majority of the Blacks in the Miss. Delta and across the state voted in favor of keeping the Confederate flag on the Miss. state flag. GA and SC politicians didn’t allow the people of their states to vote on the flag issues like Miss. did.

Something is bad wrong going on in America. Now, American citizens are refused jobs if they don’t speak Spanish, after this land has been an English speaking for 399 years, Jamestown, VA- 1607. What will be next, David Crockett’s named banned, the museum and cabin on his birth site destroyed and the Alamo destroyed or made into a shrine for Santa Anna, because politicians will be afraid it will offend the Mexicans who are illegal here to start with?

U.S. Politicians should have been watching the events in England the past several years, with all the U.K.’s political correct socialist liberals destroying their heritage and culture to appease the Muslims for future votes, as American politicians are now doing with illegal aliens, for their future votes, now an Englishman will be ordered by the police and/or council to remove this English and/or the Union Jack flags flying from his own home, if a Muslim who lives nearby goes to the police and/or council and says the English and/or Union Jack offends him! This is a fact! And it doesn’t stop with the flag, anything that offends them!

It’s the Confederate flag now, but the U.S. flag will be next if American politicians continue to sell out their country, heritage and culture.

For God and Country. (My ancestors and myself, fought and bled for "God" and "Country", not the ACLU and the politically correct socialist liberals whose destroying our country and being allowed to).


Capt. L. McR. Hawkins, (Ret), BSM/olc, PHM

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