Dear SHNV Friends,
Professor of Philosophy at Emory University Dr. Donald Livingston for many years had his students study State by State the deaths of Southern Negroes caused at the hands of the USA military during the war and as a result of the 12 year USA Military Occupation of the CSA following the war. He now places this figure at 800,000 to 1,200,000 and about 1,000,000 for white civilians.
He was interested in the statements of the U.S. War Departments records often referred to as the "OR"(The U.S. Official Records of the War of the Rebellion) which stated that 80% of the USA war against the CSA was directed against Southern civilians (meaning our women, children and our elderly) in order to demoralize Southern men so that they would quit fighting and resisting the invasion of their States. The USA continued this practice during its wars of the last century.
Many historians had known of this statement for decades, but its actual application had not been measured by serious research in the past. This would not have been in the interest of American Exceptionalism to do so. We knew that the war was an exercise in genocide of Christians and the destruction of the churches and institutions that had for so long preserved western civilization. The word “extermination” of Southerner’s, both Negro and Caucasian, found their way into military orders and northern publications. From my years of study I believe this figure to be reasonable and in line with the U.S. Federal Records.

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