General Lee’s confusion
For once, Barack Obama is right: General Lee would be confused by today’s America – very confused, very ashamed and very disappointed. We live in a culture of lies, corruption and death in which our government is run by the likes of Obama, Barney Frank, Harry Reid, “Teddy” Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi, individuals who advocate the slaughter of innocent babies and think nothing of taking bribes and using the People’s money as a means to insure themselves a lifetime tenure in government “service”. Frankly, the “service” that they render is the same as that of the prostitutes that they are: for a fee, they will deliver the goods.
Lee would also be confused about a judiciary which pays lip service to the Constitution and then ignores its meaning. He would be confused by a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court giving the oath of office to a man whom that Justice has every reason to suspect  is ineligible to hold that office – except that the High Court abandoned its only duty under the Constitution to protect and defend that seminal document which once under girded our entire legal system. Indeed, General Lee – like every decent man – would be confused by a nation whose laws now depend not upon legal precedent but upon the whims of men.
As well, General Lee would be confused – and horrified – by a vile, profane and obscene culture which makes the excesses of ancient Rome appear chaste in comparison.
And certainly, the good General would be confused and greatly saddened to see the people of the United States giving over the liberties hard won by their ancestors for the sort of “womb to tomb” custodial care provided by a central government that has become so powerful that the rights of both the Sovereign States and the People are nothing more than a fading memory from a remote and irrelevant past.
But one thing that General Robert Edward Lee would not find confusing is the righteousness of the cause for which he fought over one hundred and forty years ago, a cause which endeavored to remove his beloved Virginia and at least ten other States in the South from the maw of a growing federal tyranny. After all, Lee had seen with his own eyes the fate of those who opposed that oppressive regime which was then only in its infancy: torture, murder, rape, pillage and devastation. And although after the war, this true Christian man attempted reconciliation with what had once been the United States of America, by the time of his death in 1870 he was sadly aware that the Republic he had loved and served was in fact, dead. Frankly, any decent American patriot, past or present, would be “confused” by what remains of a once great nation. Confused and disgusted.
Valerie Protopapas