Gen. Forrest’s monument
Mr. Palmer,
No doubt you are hearing from others on the matter of Gen. Forrest’s monument, but I will add my voice to theirs anyway.
It is cowardice to kowtow to the dictates of the supposedly offended – those who cry and whine about this Confederate flag or that Confederate monument. We hear from them about diversity, tolerance, and coexistence, but that doesn’t seem to apply if they don’t agree with an opinion different from theirs. What it boils down to is that we’re expected to fall in line with their Marxist philosophy, but if we don’t, we’re racists, or so they’d have everyone believe.
We’re told that "the South lost – get over it"; well, I have a feeling that those of us who support recognition of Gen. Forrest, other Confederate heroes, and anything else displaying Confederate heritage won’t be going away. To those who have a problem with it, get over that.
Rodney Combs
Noble, Oklahoma