Peaches Geldof Wears Racist Confederate Flag T-shirt!

May 3rd, 2010

Last night Peaches Geldof went to a party in Hollywood wearing a T-shirt with the Confederate Flag risking to be considerate a racist.

The wonder is: did she know about the issue or not?

Usually the southern flag is considered as a symbol of racism because of its links to slavery. It was used by the Confederate States of America, which supported slavery, during the American civil war from 1861 to 1865.

We can’t imagine Peaches knowing what she was doing by wearing that t-shirt, but she obviously wanted to have the attention by matching it with a studded dog collar and a padlock necklace.

Currently, 21 years old Geldof, who dates 37 years old director Eli Roth, tries to revive her career after American artist Ben Mills posted naked pictures of her in the net after one night full of sex and drugs. Due to those pictures, she lost her contract with lingerie manufacturer Ultimo.

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