I spent the day with my family for the “4th of July”. We even attended a local tea party to voice our opposition to the ongoing federal calamities. The tea party drew roughly 200 people in a city with 37,000. Nothing really to brag about in the over-all scheme of things but nothing to sneeze at either I suppose.
Upon returning home this afternoon and prior to heading out to watch the local display of fireworks to celebrate what was once Independence Day I decided to check my e-mails and messages. One was from an associate in North Carolina who had an interesting idea, one that I thought I would pass on to others and see where it took us. The idea is to hold an event of our own at the capital of each Southern state. These would be an all inclusive gathering of like minded Southerners and supporters of the Cause. An event, that if done correctly, could get the Cause much needed attention and could not be ignored by the media, the people or the government. Such an event would have to be staged well beforehand and planned on local, state and national levels with organizers working together on speakers, events ideas, dates and such. This would be an undertaking that we have not seen in generations, something that would not be limited to one or two states but across the South and would entail ALL organizations working together for the Cause as well as independents and supporters of the Cause.
We all talk of getting out and getting seen, getting the message out, getting new people active and interested. What better way to achieve that very goal than working together on a united front across Dixie? I understand the scale and magnitude of such an undertaking and what all such an event would entail. I also have faith that the people of the South not only want such a showing but need such a showing. This could be a powerful tool for the Cause as well as all organizations involved across the board.
I ask that this idea be passed to each and every interested party, person and organization in the South regardless what small differences we may have. The Cause is larger that any individual or group or organization and in order for such an event to take place, we all must work together. We would want to have as large a showing as possible with quality speakers, well laid out tables for information and recruitment and capable staff to handle arrangements and media that will attend. This is just the concept, I am certain that there are many far more capable than I to handle the fine details and hope that these people will take this idea and run with it.
For A Free And Independent South
Eric Meadows
Occupied Georgia