Attached for your review are photos of the Garland-Rodes Camp #409 Annual Lee-Jackson Banquet. Franchise Store Owner, Dennis J. Beeton (right); Camp Commander Tom Blanks(center) and Third Brigade Commander Michael Mahoney(left) address those in attedance. Third Brigade Commader Mahoney, Bedford Camp donated $200.00 to the Marshall Packet Bopat Perservation and immediately following that presentation Dennis J. Beeton, on behalf of Dixieoutfitters of Madison Heights, Virginia donated another $200.00 to the perservation of the Marshall Packet Boat.

Mr. Beeton’s comments were " the legendary bravery of our Confederate ancestors must not perish and so Dixieoutfitters is committed to the perservation of those things that we cherish in our hearts"

Additionally, Mr. Beeton commented on the willingness of Dewey Barber to work with the Sons of Confederate Veterans Garland Rodes Camp to publicize the funding raising campaign for the perservation of the Marshall Packet boat.

Mr. Beeton also informed those gathered at the Banquest that Dixieoutfitters had purchased an ad in the Amherst County newspaper for a coupon worth 15% off any item in the store. The coupon will depict the Amherst County Seal before the County Board of Supervisors removed the confederate flag emblem from the County Seal and a picture of the County Seal after the confederarte flag was removed.

Again, Mr. Barber has agreed, in principle, to assist the Garland-Rodes camp in publicizing the Amherst County Seal issue.

Commander Blanks stated that he is very interested in speaking with Mr. Barber to see what avenues are available to broadcast these issues to the general public to generate contributions for the perservation of the Marshall Packet Boat project and to defend the heritage violation of the removal of the Confederate flag from the Amherst County Seal.

As a result of Compatriot Beeton’s efforts on behalf of the Garland-Rodes Camp # 409, Commander Blanks and the officers of the camp presented Mr. Beeton with the General John McCausland Meritorious Service Award on behalf of the Sons of Conferderate Veterans.


The Camp has also scheduled a flag ceremony for the Madison Heights store on April 15, 2006, Brenda and I have arranged for a remote radio broadcast from the store on April 15, 2006. We thought that this would be an ideal time to highlight Confederate History month here in Virginia. We have not come up with a theme yet but the Garland Rodes Camp will be co sponsoring the event. We thought perhaps this may be a good time to have you and H.K. Edgerton appear. Of course you all will stay at our home as our guests. Plenty of good food and excellent time for recruitment for our camp. Please call me when you get the chance so we can work out the details. Third Brigade Commander Mike Mahoney has offered to bring a field artillery piece to the store for the event.

We look forward to working with Dixieoutfitters to assist the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United daughters of the Confederacy in preserving our most precious Southern heritage. You’ve made this possible with your artwork and products, we want you to know that you do not stand alone in your efforts.

Dennis & Brenda Beeton