Controversial Basketball Game Is Now Over

Reporter: Jenna Emenhiser

A controversial basketball game between two Floyd County schools, that very few people got to see is now in the past.

WYMT’s Jenna Emenhiser was at a game between Allen Central and the David School and she couldn’t even go inside.

Media, fans, and even extended family members were banned from Thursday nights game and school officials say it was for the safety of the students.

Some people WYMT talked to say these kids just want to play basketball and get over the Rebel Flag controversy

It’s a controversy that stems from the Rebel Flag, the Allen Central logo, and a David School coach who voiced concerns over the flag’s historic meaning.

"We’ve had a lot of talks about it the importance of standing up for their teammates and for keeping in mind the history of the whole issue," Janet Stumbo said.

But even some players on the David School team say they don’t have a problem with the flag, and they just want to play ball.

"Everybody’s talking about the Allen Central game, none of the players care nobody even, our black player he didn’t care, we’re just wanting to play the game," Player Nathan Robinson said.

School administrators banned all media and fans that were not directly related to players.

Jason Redman says his cousin plays for Allen Central and he was turned away.

"I left work early to watch him play and their not gonna let anyone in except for two members of the family," Jason Redman said.

Redman says his cousin asked him to be at the game but now he plans to listen to it on the radio.

"We support them and we’ll be here for them, no matter if we get to watch the game or not," Redman said.

Allen Central won the game with a final score of 95 to 41and the parents and coaches WYMT talked to say both teams showed good sportsmanship and there were no problems.

Now they say they hope to move past all the controversy.

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