CSA could have been a superpower with ethics

I hear so often that we should forget Lincoln’s War and move on. But the South is still undergoing reconstruction as it has been for 150 years. Remember the voting rights act that applies only to the South? You probably don’t remember the discriminatory freight rates that kept the South’s ports idle and resulted in keeping the South in an agrarian economy until Gov. Ellis Arnall of Georgia filed an original suit against 20 railroads in the U.S. Supreme Court challenging the freight rates under the anti-trust laws.

The Confederate States of America and the United States would both be superpowers had that Confederate Army prevailed. They were before the war, except now the CSA would be a thriving nation rich in resources with manageable debt load and guided by ethical and Christian principles. The argument that the nation is now stronger could also be applied to the American Revolution.

Allen Johnson


South stood for liberty; North, totalitarianism


Your ignorance of history is rather appalling, and that makes your high moral position pretty ridiculous.

My question to the editorial staff is whether they will go on in arrogant and exceedingly self-righteous ignorance or try to learn something about the "Civil War." You have obviously accepted a propaganda version of that war. No serious student of the war that values truth over shallow and politically correct propaganda believes the Union armies invaded the South to emancipate slaves.

As to the meaning of "Union," you had best think through whether "Union" is a virtue that outweighs liberty, freedom, justice and truth. What values do you hold dear? Does "Union" trump them all? Is a totalitarian "Union" forced at the points of guns and bayonets of any value, or is it a disgrace to human freedom?

Will you remain an arrogant and self-righteous moral disgrace or are you humble enough to learn? Will you seek truth or the shameless comfort of popular error? Space does not allow me to teach you the true history of the "Civil" War in a few paragraphs. I will attach a short reading list that is not tainted with the self-justifying propaganda of Northern apologists that you have evidently so naively ingested.

See, Censored Truths of an Uncivil War, and

Reading lists are at the end of these articles. In addition, I would recommend a brand new, well-researched and comprehensive book by John J. Dwyer, The War Between the States: America’s Uncivil War.

Mike Scruggs