Would you like to give this student the lowdown on Perdue. This inquiry came to our SHPAC website…….
Let me know if you contact her and send me a copy so I can pass it on to the PAC………….jc

Dear Miss Osborne,

On the Georgia State Flag, please be advised that this kidnapping of our Christian St. Andrews cross flag (that was created to honor those Grandfathers of ours who fought and died for Georgia when invaded by the Yankees) will not stand. First let’s start with the history of our Confederate Memorial Flag which flew from 1956 till 2001. Under this flag, most all of the Civil Rights advancements and the growth of Georgia occurred. Since then, we have had only (-) growth and more poverty for the minorities while our Grandfathers were called traitors, demons, racists, and subjects fit for derision. This flag was created as Georgia and the nation was getting prepared to celebrate the centennial of Lincoln’s War, simply to honor the Battleflag of Georgia’s Confederate soldiers.

In the early nineties, Gov. Zell Miller was prompted to change our flag by the fat cats of Atlanta. He withdrew this action when he very quickly discovered that the citizens of Georgia were totally against this idea.

Roy Barnes ran on a campaign platform that stated he would not attempt to change our flag. After $20,000,000.00 in campaign contributions (bribes) from the Atlanta fat cats and AIPAC, he treacherously sold us out as he pushed his flag change bill through the GA. legislature using pork (bribes), promotions, and out right cash. There were threats to those who wouldn’t go along. Well, everyone knows that King Roy has been put out to pasture.

To defeat King Roy Barnes, George Perdue promised us who were fighting to regain our kidnapped flag that we should have had a vote on our State flag, and that when we got him elected, we would get a vote on our ’56 flag. According to the Atlanta Constitution, Arthur Blank brought Perdue more money than needed for retirement as soon as Perdue took office. Then Perdue sold us out and became Perdue The Liar. Blank and the Atlanta fat cats then bragged in the Atlanta Constitution that they got what they wanted from Perdue including preventing the people of Georgia from getting a vote on their ’56 through ’01 State flag. Guess what we have now: a return of the Jim Crow flag from the days of Blacks sitting in the back of the bus, sitting in theater balconies only, getting food at the back door of restaurants, and separate water fountains under Perdue’s Stars and Bars lookalike.

Tyrone Brooks, a hater of Southern heritage worked for over 20 years to bring down our flag of honor. Could we dare to have less resolve? Under Project Wave, we have installed more than 1,250 flag poles across Georgia
with our Peoples’ GA flags. The People have rejected both the Barnes RAG I flag and the Perdue Rag II flag. They only fly the Peoples’ flags. Perdue cannot be re-elected, or else Georgians will continue to have a Governor that is corrupt. S. Carolina has defeated two Governors, Alabama two, Mississippi one, and Missouri one over their dishonoring of Southern Heritage. So it’s anybody but Perdue as Georgia defeats two in a row. Perdue’s events have been met with protestors 128 times as of today.

Anywhere he shows his face outside Atlanta, he can expect to be flagged and protested by angry voters.

The truth of the matter is that the voters do not control our Government. As soon at the $20,000,000.00 in campaign donations (legal bribes) are offered by the fat cats and AIPAC, our politicians take the money. All we can do is make them one termers all. This we will do, because when they attacked our flag, they attacked our families.


Elijah S. Coleman, Georgian
Nil desperandum!