From: Craig Maus
To: Charleston Voice
Sent: Saturday, July 31, 2010
Subject: Fury Against Tyranny of the Northern Micks- the NYC Draft Riots! I

Dear Brethren (bcc herein),
This forward from our friends and ally at The Charleston Voice.  There is so much History y’all were never told or taught and this is probably yet another- the Draft Riots in New York City in July, 1863.  Did you ever hear the expression " A Rich Man’s War and a Poor Man’s Fight " ?  This is where it came from- these riots!  The Irish, many of whom were fleeing from the British tyranny in Ireland, came here to begin a new life.  And upon arrival, these men were being literally conscripted into the Federal Army right off the boat.
And are you aware that if you had $300.00, you could buy your exemption from service in the Federal Army?
" A Rich Man’s War and a Poor Man’s Fight " !

Oh yeah, that War was really fought over a single issue as they have tried to teach you!
So many lies and so much deceit that appalling does NOT even remotely begin to describe what this Federal Government has done to this country and continues to do!  ‘When the South Lost, so Too Did this Entire Nation, but Only We Confederates Knew it at the Time !’
ALL Roads Lead to 1865- the beginning of the end!
Craig Maus,
president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations.
Staunch Supporters of the RESTORATION of the Legal Government of the South- The Confederate States of America.
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Although not Irish, I celebrate their proud heritage of old, the 1st northern armed civilians to resist America’s tyrant – LINCOLN. Violating the US Constitution, Lincoln deployed federal troops against citizens on the streets of NY. What would happen today if our soldiers knew their sworn oath to defend the Constitution also meant the 13th Amendment regarding "involuntary servitude"? Tyrannies have always had to resort to mercenaries and foreign troops to suppress their own people. The US Government today is no different.
New York City Draft Riots
(July 11-13, 1863)

"The nation is at this time in a state of Revolution, North, South, East, and West," wrote the Washington Times during the often violent protests that occurred after Abraham Lincoln issued the March 3, 1863, Enrollment Act of Conscription. Although demonstrations took place in many Northern cities, the riots that broke out in New York City were both the most violent and the most publicized.

With a large and powerful Democratic party operating in the city, a dramatic show of dissent had been long in the making. The state’s popular governor, Democrat Horatio Seymour, openly despised Lincoln and his policies. In addition, the Enrollment Act shocked a population already tired of the two-year-old war.

By the time the names of the first draftees were drawn in New York City on July 11, reports about the carnage of Gettysburg had been published in city papers. Lincoln’s call for 300,000 more young men to fight a seemingly endless war frightened even those who supported the Union cause. Moreover, the Enrollment Act contained several exemptions, including the payment of a "commutation fee" that allowed wealthier and more influential citizens to buy their way out of service.

Perhaps no group was more resentful of these inequities than the Irish immigrants populating the slums of northeastern cities. Poor and more than a little prejudiced against blacks-with whom they were both unfamiliar and forced to compete for the lowest-paying jobs-the Irish in New York objected to fighting on their behalf.

On Sunday, July 12, the names of the draftees drawn the day before by the Provost Marshall were published in newspapers. Within hours, groups of irate citizens, many of them Irish immigrants, banded together across the city. Eventually numbering some 50,000 people, the mob terrorized neighborhoods on the East Side of New York for three days looting scores of stores. Blacks were the targets of most attacks on citizens; several lynching’s and beatings occurred. In addition, a black church and orphanage were burned to the ground.

All in all, the mob caused more than $1.5 million of damage. The number killed or wounded during the riot is unknown, but estimates range from two dozen to nearly 100. Eventually, Lincoln deployed combat troops from the Federal Army of the Potomac to restore order; they remained encamped around the city for several weeks. In the end, the draft raised only about 150,000 troops throughout the North, about three-quarters of them substitutes, amounting to just one-fifth of the total Union force.


From: Craig Maus –
Date: Sat, Jul 31, 2010
Subject: Re: Fury, Tyranny, Deceit & MORE- the NYC Draft Riots- a follow up! I
To: Charleston Voice –

Dear Brethren (several hundred bcc herein),
I am re-sending each of you this because I believe I may have taken for granted the point I thought each of you would connect with but may have overlooked wherein I stated (below), "Oh yeah, that War was really fought over a single issue as they have tried to teach you! "
These Draft Riots occurred because innocent Irishmen were being forcibly conscripted into the Federal Army upon arriving portside in this country. LITERALLY!  Why?  Because the Federal Army, although nearly 4-times the size of our Confederate Military was being beaten to not only a standstill, but were in fact LOSING up to that point.
They needed men and many more of them NO matter where they came from or how they got them.
Now do y’all think that these poor Irishmen had ANY interest, much less concern about the institution of slavery when they got here?  Hell, they were coming from the same situation from abroad because of British oppression and now they were being forced to fight for a Federal ‘Union’ whose structure was identical to that from which they were fleeing.
It is ABSURD to think or believe what this Federal Government and their lackey’s within those Special Interest Groups want you to believe that the Civil War was fought entirely over ONE SINGULAR issue- Slavery!
650,000 men on both sides died, more than ALL other wars combined, not too mention the countless wounded.
More than 90% of the Confederate Military (Our Soldiers) had absolutely NO connection or involvement with Slavery!
So why then did they fight?  What was the REAL Reason?
For the very same reasons that are confronting US TODAY, were confronting them THEN…. in that the Central Government wanted more power and control from & over the then Sovereign States and would use THEIR power through the passage of legislation (more northern states & representatives than the Southern States), in order to create Laws that would forcibly conscript the Southern States (through Tariffs & Taxes) into paying for their deceit & chicanery in their Federal quest for dominion over this Republic.  The South knew what they were up to and wanted NO part of it.  This was NOT the accord that was struck only 65 years earlier when we kicked the British the hell outa here for the very Same Reasons!
Lincoln, additionally, had been bringing into this country throughout this time ALL those European Socialists who were then being thrown out of Europe.  How many I wonder were ever taught that in school?
They were given and realized key positions in the Federal Government, Northern State Legislatures and given High-Ranking positions within the ‘Union Army’.  Further, and again, since they were being beaten to a standstill, Lincoln also brought in foreign Mercenaries to fight us.
Foreign Mercenaries…..I can hear it now…..they didn’t exist back then…..
Oh yes they did and even earlier- didn’t the British do the same during the Revolutionary War in which large numbers of Hessians were brought in to help them suppress us Colonists?  Do y’all remember Washington crossing the Delaware in winter?  Well whose butts do y’all think he kicked when he got to the other side- those very same Hessians!
It is just so unbelievable what these Federals have done to this Nation and the LIE of LIE’s they have created that the Civil War was fought entirely because of Slavery.
And 145 years later an entire culture has been dumbed down and has taken a guilt seat on that foolish & stupid stool of repentance that this Federal Government, along with their Special Interest co-conspirators have collaborated on putting you on, while they have unilaterally stolen your Nation right out from under you- Economically, Politically, Socially, Culturally and Historically.
And what’s sadder yet- Y’all are paying the BILL for their THEFT of this NATION while others brazenly & continually declare YOU owe them even MORE!
‘When the South Lost, This Entire Nation Lost….but Only We Confederates Knew it at the Time!’
God Save the South, For So Goes the South, so WILL Go This Nation,
All Roads Lead to 1865- the beginning of the end!
Craig Maus,
president, The Confederate Society of America
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