In Further support of Mr. Waller
In my book, "Forward The Colors", I devote an entire chapter to the reasons for slavery and what part of the nation actually brought slaves to the shores of the English Colonies, because slaves were brought to the shores of the English colonies around the late 1600’s.  Slaves were then shipped to the plantations of people, who from both sides of the races owned slaves, this means people of more then one race actually owned slaves.
I plan on expanding upon this in the reprint of "Forward The Colors".  It was not just a Southern idea, most of the slaves came from Northern traders who brought the slaves to the early "English" shores.  When the United States came to be in 1776, Thomas Jefferson sat down and demanded that slavery be ended, but it was the Senators from the Northeast whom halted that idea because they were making money from the importation of slaves in exchange for the rum that they received for the slaves the Northern traders got. All the slaves were brought into the new United States by the slave traders in the North and then shipped down south.

After France sold the Louisiana lands, the United States sent the slaves down river to be traded in New Orleans. In Louisiana it was not uncommon for blacks to own slaves. One such black lived just south of New Orleans
and held some 100+ slaves to his service.
Slavery was not the reason for the war for had it been, the 13th Amendment of 1861 would have stopped any ideas of war and that Amendment was the only Amendment signed by a President, that being Abraham Lincoln!
I know some may not believe this but it is Very true.  Abraham Lincoln signed the 13th Amendment of 1861 and he even mentioned it in his inauguration.  All these Facts are contained within my book, "Forward The Colors" and it has been stated more then once that "Forward The Colors" should be in every school so the true meaning of that time would be learned.
Leon Puissegur
Author, "Forward The Colors"
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