From: tim77 <>
Date: Tue, Aug 16, 2011
Subject: Kind Statement from a fellow Arkansas SOCV…

I noticed all of the history that you have added to site just want to say thank you.  I haven’t been through all of the pages but I noticed; even with all of that correct history there is still so much to include, can you believe it?
Union Navy and Control of Ports….

I would love to see more emphasis on just how powerful the Union Navy was, before, during and after wartime.  Ports?  People need to know more about the ports that are linked to the very foundation of the slave trade and how this "tariff" goldmine could not possibly be masterminded, acted and reacted in only four years.
Financiers of the Federal Reserve…Population Control….Eugenics

It was clearly the start of the Federal Reserve.  Financed by the elite of the day and forefathers of the Federal Reserve, William P. Chase, J.D. Rockefeller (any Rockefeller), Henry Poor just to mention a few.  William P. Chase being the bank magnate and Lincoln’s Secretary of Treasure at the time.   This era of politics is riddled with global elite mentality transforming to the reconstruction period through control of public relations and population; essentially the start and founding of the Council On Foriegn Relations and leading to people like Edward Bernays.
The term Confederate…

How it got started in the first place as means of clarifying such an simple notion that we are anti Federalist…fighting against the very existence of Federalist’s and the indeology behind the Federalists Papers….written by Marxist/Communist Ideology.
Last but not least…Cherokee Confederate’s.  Who essentially were fighting off the same enemy we were.
Thank you for reading and hope to include more history soon..