KMOV) – There’s a new controversy over the Confederate battle flag.

A freshman has withdrawn from Farmington High School because the school district has banned him from wearing any form of the rebel flag.

Bryce Archimbo, 14, says his freshman year at Farmington High School was going along fine until September 27th when his gym teacher took offense at his ball cap which displays the Confederate battle flag and the words, "rebel pride."

Archimbo says with his parents’ permission the next day he wore both the hat and one of the five t-shirts he’s been wearing all school year which contain elements of the rebel flag.

He wound up in a meeting with the dean of students.

Farmington’s superintendent told News 4, “Generally speaking, building principals have the authority to not permit students to wear anything that is disruptive."

But the Archimbos’ attorney points to a 2004 Missouri statute which reads, “No employee or a public school or charter school shall direct a student to remove an emblem, insignia or garment… As long as it does not promote disruptive behavior.”

Attorney Bob Herman contends the rebel flag may offend some but the images are not disruptive.

Attorney Bob Herman, who is Jewish, is a supporter of the first amendment and has defended the free speech rights of the Ku Klux Klan.

He says he intends to file a federal lawsuit.

Bryce Archimbo’s father insists the family is not racist.

His oldest daughter is married to an African American. And he, a minister, performed the wedding ceremony.

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