Dear Mr. Demastus, I read with pride all the letters from Southern-Confederate patriots decrying the mandate by liberal press, politicians, and private citizens that our beloved Battle Flag must not fly! And that our monuments honoring the memory of those who gave so much for the cause of freedom must be removed! And that pictures of our heroes of the War for Southern Independence, and the history of that War, and bumper stickers celebrating our heritage and our pride, and the clothes that even our children wear with Southern pride emblems, all must be removed! We are not free to celebrate our heritage as Southerners and descendants of the gallant men (and women) of that War. We cannot even speak of these things without risking criticism, judgment, discrimination and even threats by those who are ignorant of our Cause — or those who simply want to subjegate the South and Confederate heritage — again! Not all Americans are free! As long as any group, whether because of faith, color, social status, handicap, age, economics, education or heritage, remains fettered by discrimination, that group is NOT free. As long as any group is not free, none is free. Our Southern-Confederate heritage is under attack today — what will come under attack tomorrow! Until all Americans are free to celebrate, in a peaceful and orderly way, that which is close to their hearts, then none of us are truly free. Today it is "politically correct" and acceptable to attack our Southern-Confederate heritage, but WHAT WILL THEY ATTACK TOMORROW? Every letter, every phone call, every email, every gathering of kindred spirits will make a difference! We must continue to stand firm and fight the good fight!

Very respectfully,
Jerri Rae Carper