Freedom of Expression



I have some difficulty with this. I am the local "Yankee" here in central North Carolina. I am a member of the Sons of Union Veterans. My wife and I help organize protests against the KKK and American Nazis when they hold their rallies on National Battlefields. I am a member of the Urban League. In short, I am your typical "Liberal."

I am also a member of BJ’s, and I am seriously questioning ever shopping there again. Telling your employees that they cannot display the flag of their choice is blatant racism. I will always oppose any form of racism, and I have a great qualms about shopping at a racist store.

Arleigh Birchler, BSN, MDiv
"Sweet Baboo"
69 Gray Ghost St
Benson NC 27504
(Ali Sengaree – Allah’ka cli here chaya)

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BJ’S Wholesale Club is committed to providing a comfortable work environment where all our team members are treated fairly and with respect. All employers need to balance personal expression with the need to make their employees feel comfortable in the workplace. Like all employers, we have guidelines of appropriate personal behavior and expression at work. While the policy does not identify any specific type of expression, it generally prohibits expression that is rude, abusive, hostile or intimidating. Under those guidelines, we asked this team member to not display the confederate flag in our parking lot. We understand that in the last few days the team member has been parking offsite. We are confident that we have struck the right balance for all of our team members and their work environment.


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