Franklin March


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Today was the 142nd anniversary of the tragic battle of Franklin, Tenn. and, as you know, the mayor of Franklin said last month that he did not want any Confederate flags in his town. The local SCV camp and the National Headquarters put out a call for help and today 200+ of us with 200+ Battle Flags marched in silence from Winstead Hill, the Confederate command post, across the 2 1/2 miles of battle field to the Confederate Monument in the town square.
It was a BEAUTIFUL sight and the mayor has probably been desensitized and no longer gets all weak and fainty every time he sees our beloved flag. It shows what taking a stand and what large numbers of Confederates with competent leadership can do. We had a police escort, the local people cheered us along the route and they grabbed flags and joined us. We were the hit attraction in town. We surrounded the town square with Confederates and Battle Flags and went from being "unwanted trouble makers" to being honored guests!!! What a change in attitude and in such a short time. Today the SCV and its new leadership showed that we are alive and well.

God Save the South,

David F.

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