Scotland highlights the fragility of old empires in the 21st Century!

Scotland’s quest for freedom is having affects across the globe and could ignite independence movements in the American South!
by Mark Vogl
Wednesday, April 18, 2012

As recently as April 5th, warnings from Australia indicate that Scottish independence could have much broader effects on what remains of the British empire, presently known as the United Kingdom!  Australia’s ties to the United Kingdom may be cut if Scotland gains her freedom!

Scotland’s thirst for nationalism and independence seems quite a breath of fresh air in a world so consumed with globalism, one world government, and centralization of power.  And one has to wonder if the complete news blackout in America about Scotland and the process for a referendum on liberty there is because if the Scots persist, their actions could rock the world?

A previous column I wrote back on February 7th received a fair amount of attention from readers overseas. While most seem to be Pro-British, and thus blast my article for bias and a lack of knowledge of the subtleties of Political Correctness in the UK, there are the occasional Scots who seem to illustrate the feelings of hope expressed in my article. As to my bias,  I freely admit to it.  England, like the Yankees are occupiers.  They are a people not content to live within their own borders, or content to shape a utopia within their own people.  Instead, they see their role as savior of the world, and they did force their salvation on any people, anywhere, that they could conquer. Their military failures in America in two wars did not stop their desire to rule here.  Money, huge sums of it, and the behind scenes power of a monarch are present in America today.  But that’s a much different, much more submerged story. Globalism is, after all, an economically driven phenomenon. The essence of it is to open global investment opportunities for large capital formations. It is quite as simple as that.  And since the Queen of England sits atop one of the world’s largest family fortunes it seems only common sense to see her influence all over this newest of methods to impose British will on the world.

And if memory serves, the American Bushes are somehow blood related to English royalty; nice to keep all this money in the family and have kin so important in the ruling of "the colonies." across the pond.  I wonder where Romney fits in all of this?  We know he is a globalist, but I am talking about the blood lines.

So for a descendant with Scot and Irish blood, I can’t help but be fascinated by what is occurring in Scotland.  Every ideology has within it the seeds of its own eventual demise.  In globalism there is the optimistic view that all nations across the planet can be integrated into one global economy, a kind of Tower of Babel.  That the politics, religions, history, personalities, and problems associated with the more than 200 nations of the world can somehow be smoothed out, a kind of Yankee reconstruction of the whole world,  so that open borders may eventually evolve into no borders.

Look at America and Mexico, where Senator Rubio ( a contrived conservative of the neo-Conservatives) just yesterday announced his plans for immigration reform.  How long will it take to remove the international boundary at the Rio Grande? Not sure, but the Bush’s. Perry’s. Rubio’s of the US are working to make it a reality. Scotland is saying we want our boundaries and borders. We want our independence, and our nationalism! In Scotland, the referendum isn’t just about William Wallace, but it could be a bell rung for all who yearn to be free of their occupiers. And in the United States that could mean the South!

The globalists are enacting policies that are anti-American.  Huge government debt, attempts to impose socialism, rejection of development of US energy reserves, selling off the US space industry, and a continued failure to secure the US borders are all obvious policies intended to remove the Super Power status of the United States.  But those who manipulate U.S. policy and are engineering the decline of a nation still in possession of vast natural resources may be once again underestimating the power of God, and the eternal longing for independence.  As America collapses, the example of Scotland may be that small light in the distance which brings an old dynamic back to the forefront, nationalism!

©2012 Mark Vogl

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