Fragile Legacies of Dixie
Preserving the Past for the Future
As Southron, it is our mission to preserve the name, honour and legacy of our Confederate heroes. Confederate monuments & cemeteries are among the greatest of our Southern treasures, and their protection must be foremost among our priorities. This mission should be especially dear to us, as these monuments & cemeteries are the only standing tribute to our past.
Please help preserve Dixie’s treasures for the enjoyment of Her future generations. Once they are impacted or destroyed by "those people" they can never be restored to their original state; there is no going back.
Most every city/town in the South has Confederate, cemeteries, monuments, plaques or statues. PLEASE, send photos of same from your city/town. Please include sentiments on the monuments and/or any other information, we will post them….PoP
Thanks, SHNV/SWR &Tennessee Confederate Flaggers