I’m replying to Wil LaVeist’s March 20 column, "Hampton should focus on the future, not the past," relating to Fox Hill’s Confederate parade. First of all let me say, I’m Caucasian. Let me also say that while in college I lived in a low-income black community, made many friends there, and transported their children to a formerly all-white school during the height of integration in the South. I’ve stood on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Ala., and driven the march route of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. I now live in a mixed-race neighborhood and work for a black man. I’d say I’m colorblind.

It’s time for LaVeist to get colorblind as well.

Tolerance and diversity? Where is it in his columns? Most historians would say that the Civil War was the single-most galvanizing force that tempered the metal of this great country. Because a community like Fox Hill wants to remember that time in our history is a good thing.

Rosemarie Kidd of the Fox Hill Historical Society is not asking for a Congressional White Caucus, nor is she asking for a White History Month. More than that, she is asking the Contraband Historical Society to participate with them, and according to the column, all Gerri Hollins of that society can say is Fox Hill has had a racist reputation?

My great-great-grandfather died in that war. None of my family ever owned slaves. It’s time to get over the fear of history and a flag. LaVeist should start practicing some of that tolerance and diversity he has touted.

Ric Hunter