"Forward The Colors"
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Leon Puissegur
Commander/Nathan Bedford Forrest
Camp 1931

Forward the Colors
By Leon Puissegur
Price: $16.95
Starting with the Confederate Battle Flag the book delves into the flag’s beginning and abuses. It next goes into the history of slavery and how it was first legalized and why it continued. It covers the attempts at the 13th Amendment from the Crittenden Compromise to the 13th Amendment of 1865. It covers Abraham Lincoln exposing his ideas about the blacks and what he really felt about them along with exposing the “Emancipation Proclamation” as the lie it was. It covers the real reasons for the War for Southern Independence, also called the War Between the States, and Civil War. It covers the parts played by the NAACP and the KKK in relation to the Confederate Battle Flag. In the last chapter, it covers facts seldom if ever shown in school or textbooks.
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