Nathan Bedford Forrest High School Controversy
The Nathan Bedford Forrest High School Controversy well illustrates the extreme racist attitudes of the black population. First of all, the blacks in Duval County, Florida, wanted to change the name of the school because it was named after (horrors) a white slave owner. Second item on the agenda:  Obama not only is a black person whose ancestors were not slaves in America but whose ancestors were slave owners (but, forget that of course because he is a black person — and the person for whom the blacks in Duval County voted because he is black). In other words, don’t ever forget that "racism" is pretty much a one-way street.
The fact is that times have changed. Back during the Jim Crow days, times definitely were bad; and many of the blacks well remember that. Many of the whiteys had been very unhappy when the law of the land, although long in coming, finally recognized that God made His children in many colors and that all ought to be treated alike: cordially. Even so, memories exist. However, it does appear that, even though equal rights finally were granted, that there are more bitter memories by those who came up in the world than there are from those who lost their higher-than-appropriate status. In fact, many in the latter category voted for Obama.
Hopefully, the bad items in the forthcoming four years (that, many years ago, had been mandated to having our country lose its sovereignty) will not be blamed on the color of Obama’s skin. Unfortunately for him, he was chosen (by our sub rosa government) to be the President. I had known this before*, but today’s Freedom Watch with Ron Paul’s statement  (below) Ron Paul Warns Of Great Shift Toward Global Government Under Obama Congressman says president elect was chosen long ago to take care of the corporate elite does tend to corroborate that. In summation, our future President will need (and deserve) all the help that we can give him. I may be wrong, but I really don’t think that he knew that he had been selected as the guy to sell us down the river. I believe Hillary did know.
Legend: * First paragraph of "whatever happened to america?"

[and the title is written as though Mehitabel (the cat) were typing it]