To the Editor:
I am writing to you about the "options" listed in your newspaper for the construction of the General Forrest Monument in Live Oak Cemetery.
Those are not acceptable options considering a criminal offense was committed by certain individuals who took it upon themselves to go to Live Oak Cemetery & disrupt the work being done there & infringed on their rights. A matter which was & is none of their business, like it or not.
Whether or not these individuals agree with a monument to Gen. Forrest or not, it is still a piece of Selma`s history just like the civil rights events that take place there, not everyone has to agree with them. However, they must allow everyone their rights to honor & memorialize whomever they please. So, it`s the same with Gen. Forrest or any other figure from Selma`s past whether anyone agrees with that piece of history or not, it’s still history.
However, these individual, in spite of their likes & dislikes, fail to understand, or do not care, that the same rights they claim for themselves, they deny to everyone else, which, in 2013 is a violation of the constitutional rights of all involved with the construction of the monument to Gen. Forrest.
In committing these criminal acts they went well beyond the limits of disagreeing with just a monument to Gen. Forrest or those who back it. They violated the civil rights of those who do back it & should be punished for doing so under the federal guidelines that govern their civil rights.
Anything less is a sham, a farce & worst of all a miscarriage of justice. Until the City of Selma addresses this violation of the civil rights of those who back the Gen. Forrest monument & bring criminal charges against those who violated them then, the City of Selma deserves everything that happens to it in court. All the negative publicity the city is receiving over this nationwide is more than well earned & deserved.
Billy E. Price
Ashville, Al.