Forrest was not a founder of KKK

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

There are many myths surrounding Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, and one of the worst is he was a founder of the KKK. Researchers and historians alike have been trying for years to find proof he was affiliated with the KKK, so if someone has this definitive proof, he would have a gold mine.

It is, however, a fact the KKK was founded by six young men from Pulaski, Tenn. In addition, Forrest was brought before a special congressional committee in 1871 and denied involvement, but admitted to having attempted to convince those he thought were in charge of the KKK to disband the group. Congress found there was no proof he had any ties to the KKK.

Forrest was a man of great courage, honor and integrity. He was not a racist and did many things to help encourage a healing in our nation between the North and South after the War Between the States ended.

I hope people would do their own research and verify the facts instead of taking the word of others and blindly signing something that would further bring dishonor to an honorable man.

Julie Wilson
Camden, Tenn.