It is with the heaviest of heart that I have to report to you that today, March 12, 2012 at approximately 2:00 PM it was discovered that the life- size bronze bust of General Nathan Bedford Forrest has been stolen from the 5 1/2 ton granite pedestal monument in Live Oak Cemetery in Selma Alabama. 
Selma’s first black mayor, hostile & militant toward whites, James Perkins aligned himself with Selma’s local domestic terrorist, Rose Sanders, wife of Alabama State Senator, Hank Sanders…and coerced the Selma City Council to vote to move the Nathan Bedford Forrest monument from its historically accurate & appropriate location, the Smitherman Building Museum. The Smitherman Building Museum had been a field hospital during the War of Northern Aggression i.e. The War Against Southern Independence!  Prior to its removal to Live Oak cemetery, for weeks after the dedication on Oct 7, 2000 Rose Sanders and her foot soldiers launched attacks on the monument almost on a daily basis by putting black garbage bags over the bust of General Forrest, by putting flyers on the monument depicting Gen Forrest as the founder of the KKK & accusing him of murdering blacks at Fort Pillow. also, by leading the entire entourage of students & black citizens commemorating MLK Day in Jan 2001 to the monument and throwing a rope around the neck of General Forrest in an attempt to pull the monument over while appealing to anyone with a pickup truck to come & they would be successful in pulling the monument over.  Also, one evening three full garbage bags were dumped over the monument, no only just littering the grounds of the Smitherman Building Museum but desecrating the monument.  We and the Selma police sifted through the garbage to discover 3 pieces of mail addressed to Rose Sanders’ law firm…through ALL of this…NOTHING WAS DONE TO ROSE SANDERS…NOT even a litter fine!!!!  The police were on the grounds when Rose & her foot soldiers threw the rope around his neck & threatened to pull it over and NOTHING WAS DONE!!!!!  All of this was reported in the papers along with pictures of her doing this and NOTHING WAS DONE!!!!
On February 26, 2001 the Selma City Council voted 5-4 to move the monument to Live Oak Cemetery just a few blocks from the Smitherman Building Museum. The footing was dug the next day, Feb 27 IN THE RAIN…the foundation was poured and on Wed. Feb 28, 2001 the monument was moved by some jack leg wrecker company called the Deep South Wrecker Company….NOT AN EXPERIENCED MONUMENT COMPANY!  The monument was set with the direction of the all knowing city council and the militant black mayor, James Perkins who owed a political debt to Rose Sanders for getting him elected mayor after two previous unsuccessful campaigns against the long time Selma Mayor Joe T. Smitherman!  For those of you who have visited the General in Live Oak Cemetery, that will explain to you WHY the monument is facing EAST and NOT NORTH as ALL Confederate Monuments are supposed to be placed!
On May 17, 2001 the Friends of Forrest, Inc. filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Selma for discrimination.  Judge Brevard Hand was the Judge for the Southern Federal District.  He heard oral argument on June 25, 2001 and allowed the case to go forward on its merit and did NOT rule it a frivolous case.  The City of Selma hired the scalawag WHITE law firm of Gamble, Gamble, and Calame… with Valerie Chittom as an attorney employed by this firm. She was the lead attorney for the city.  Mayor Perkins at the beginning of his term established a FULL TIME ATTORNEY WITH AN OFFICE IN CITY HALL, APPOINTING BLACK ATTORNEY JIMMY NUNN with an annual salary in the $50,000 range!!!!  So, we wondered, WHY DID MAYOR PERKINS HIRE THE WHITE SCALAWAG LAWFIRM when he had a full time black city attorney! Mayor Smitherman did not hire a full time attorney for the City of Selma…he retained an attorney for times an attorney was needed. Ultimately, almost four years later and hundreds of motions filed by the enemy  scalawag law firm, costing the city of Selma more than $200,000 the dying Judge Brevard Han (dying with cancer & was hospitalized  &on high powered pain medication for most of the summer of 2003) dismissed our case…even after having set the trial date for Jan 12 2004!!!!!!!  By the way, Judge Hand died a few years ago. In the ever resounding words of Mrs. Robert E. Lee, "If there is a cool spot in hell, I hope he has it."
Now, it is 2012…during all these years NOTHING has been done against the monument since its "temporary exile" into Live Oak Cemetery at Confederate Circle. I say, "temporary" because we have been busy trying to raise funds to buy a private lot in Selma to develop the Nathan Bedford Forrest Park & move the monument onto privately owned property!  We cancelled our appeal and decided not to pay any more money to useless lawyers to fight this "reconstruction city government" of the city of Selma. We learned in the classic form there is "no honor among thieves"!!!  The Selma City Council is made up of nine members…8 councilmen and the president….the vote went down with 4 blacks and ONE white woman against us…and 4 members for us…two white men and two black men.  These two black men were the honorable ones and lived up to their word and convictions that they did the right thing. Since then, I have learned that both of those black city councilmen who voted to keep the monument at the Smitherman Building Museum received numerous death threats. Ultimately, neither of them ran for re-election in the next campaign season, but four more years later, Mr. Benny Tucker has since been re-elected.  It was the one white woman, Jean Martin, the council president George Evans and councilwoman Nancy Sewell who betrayed us.  Selma had the opportunity to tell Rose Sanders to SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP…but they chose to fight the Friends of Forrest and deny Selma her history, heritage and the opportunity to enhance our tourism income and showcase ALL of Selma’s history and show some of that "TOLERANCE" that we seemed to have pushed down our throat on daily basis for  EVERY CULTURE ON THE PLANET except for the Anglo-Celtic culture…which is constantly and continuously vilified, mocked and ridiculed every day the sun rises!!!!
A few weeks ago, prior to the annual Bridge Crossing Jubilee scheduled for Mar 2-5 (the commemoration of the Mother of all orgies) I was notified that Rose Sanders had issued an appeal over her radio talk show at her radio station 105.3 ( we call it HATE 105) for people to join her to go into the cemetery & remove General Forrest.   The Bridge Crossing Jubilee began on Thurs evening Mar 1 at 6:00 PM with a reception at the St. James Hotel…then a 7:00 PM service at Tabernacle Baptist Church. Then on Friday, Mar 2 they officially kicked off the Jubilee with vendors & rap music on Water Avenue…usually lasting until Sunday when they have the commemorative "walk across the bridge to freedom" …but this year your tax dollars were really put to work for EIGHT DAYS…beginning on Monday morning, March 5 they …about 100-125 folks walked 10 miles per day for the next 5 days to Montgomery – blocking BOTH LANES OF TRAFFIC…bringing traffic to a complete halt…I know first hand because I got caught up in it on Thurs Mar 8 trying to get to Prattville – ordinarily it takes me about 45 minutes – this day it took 1 1/2 hours!!!!  .The annual street party requires county, city and state police working overtime…and by the way, general services really have their work cut out for them too cleaning up the city streets of Selma after these food vendors dump trash & grease into the street!!!  Since we were alerted about Rose’s  radio appeal, we checked on the General all during the course of the weekend going into the cemetery after dark to make sure he was OK. Then, On Wed Mar 7 my husband was listening to Rose’s talk radio show & heard her issue the same appeal. We were out of town on Thurs Mar 8, Fri  Mar 9 & Sat Mar 10 & did not go into town yesterday…so the bust was taken sometime between Fri night and 2:00 PM today when it was discovered missing.
Oh, and by the way, two weeks ago Butch & I were driving through White Hall, Ala…approx 9 miles from our farm, and the Southern Star Casino was all lit up on the outside. Butch & I said…Hummm, somebody must know something we don’t about this trial…then last week ALL were acquitted in the gambling trial. Ironically, on Friday Mar 9 the marquis was flashing: ELECTRONIC BINGO – OPENING TODAY AT 4:00. So, the trial is over – ALL were acquitted – the 1901 Constitution remains the same – the Ala State Supreme Court ruling remains the same – but as soon as the trial was over & ALL were found innocent, the gambling casino in White Hall, Alabama opened on the last day of the annual commemoration of the "mother of all orgies" culminating in Montgomery at the State Capitol with a few hundred folks screaming to repeal Alabama’s Immigration Bill – the Southern Star Gambling Casino is right across the highway (U.S. Hwy 80 ) from the White Hall Civil Rights Interpretive Center i.e. THE ORGY TEMPLE/HATE THE WHITE MAN CENTER!!!!
Move over "Land of Lincoln – Illinois – Alabama’s gonna steal ya thunder in corruption yet!
As our case unfolds here in Selma regarding General Forrest I will keep you posted. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you ALL for ALL your faithful support during all these years – building the monument – defending the monument – protecting the monument – and for all the wonderful friends we have made during these years. 
Once again it is a sobering reality there is NO justice for white folks anymore and the Constitution died at Appomattox 1865. Thanks to the Lincoln government, national education and communist media AmeriKans have been misled by the illusion of a "theoretical document" …and as President Davis said, "Lincoln rolled the Constitution up and put it on a shelf."  I am as President Davis…one without a country….that is until we reconvene in Montgomery, Alabama once again as a GOVERNMENT OF OUR OWN!
Confederately yours,
Pat Godwin